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  • What's Your Vinotype?

    What type of wine drinker are you? Tried and true or Something New! I’m a wine learner. I like to explore different types of wine and how they relate to history , culture, and cuisine. I enjoy trying new wines and finding out what makes them unique. I love talking to wine drinkers to find out what makes them unique. There are different types of wine drinkers, depending on their personality, taste preferences, and knowledge of wine. According to a study by researchers at Michigan State University, there are four main types of wine drinkers, or “vinotypes”: Sweet: are people who like delicate sweet and fruity wines, such as Moscato, Riesling, or White Zinfandel or reds such as Pinot Noir or Petit Syrah. Sweets often have a sensitive palate and a preference for sweet foods and drinks. Sweet wine drinkers may also enjoy sparkling wines, such as Prosecco or Asti Spumante. Of course dessert wines and fancy desserts will also be a the top of the list for the Sweets. Any time is Wine & Dessert Time!! Hypersensitive: are people who appreciate the subtle nuances and complexity of wines. Maybe just a bit picky but also adventurous and willing to explore and discover new wines and foods. However, you will return to the tried and trues. You also enjoy more diverse flavors in your food and generally choose more savory flavors. Great choices for the Hypersensitive are Pinot Grigio. Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Merlot. Build a small charcuterie and pour a nice red to make any evening special Sensitive: contrary to the title you are really a “Free-Spirit”. You will enjoy the most diverse wines Your wine choices range from delicate to full-bodied – dry whites and full-bodied reds. You also are very adventurous in your food choices from “hot and spicy” to “sweet sweet sweet” and pairing your wines to your choices makes you a perfect choice for a night out at the Wine Bar. Lets try a Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc or a Bordeaux, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot or Syrah - Oh heck let's try them all! Tolerant: you who love bold and intense wines, and lots of flavor in your foods. The finer things in life intrigue you and you must try them all. You still can’t understand how someone ruins the coffee by adding cream & sugar. An evening with you will include full bodied Chardonnay, Viognier, Zinfandel or Big Reds – Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Pinot Noir Wine is a fascinating and diverse beverage that can enhance any occasion. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseur, there’s always something new to discover about wine. Come check us out or join the Tipped Bottle Club and get in on the Box of 12 Wines for Christmas. Cheers! 🍷🍷

  • Chillin’ & Grillin’

    It’s here sunshine, BBQs, family & friends. With backyard get togethers, Stampede Parties, family reunions and weddings -- it’s time to fire up the grill! There are no rules to the backyard escape. Great wines, cold beers or frosty coolers will go with anything from the grill! A chilled glass of wine will enhance the flavor of your summer grilled favs. Pairing wine and barbecue is surprisingly delicious and easier than you think. The next time you fire up your grill, choose an amazing wine. Are you all about the Wine? The serving temperature of wine can change your attitude about what's in your glass. The temperature will impact both the smell and the taste of the wine. Sparkling Wine Should Be Served Ice Cold — 40 to 50 degrees White Wine And Rosé Should Be Served Cold — 50 to 60 degrees Red Wine Should Be Served Cool — 60 to 70 degrees This can be a little more difficult during the summer, but keeping your wine on ice or in a cooler will be the best way to enjoy it when your grillin' Grillin’ Burgers The classic barbecue indulgence, whether it’s a “Traditional Beef Burger” or a “Glamburger”, Turkey, chicken veggie or salmon burgers. Go wild with the toppings so many wines – so little time. Hot Dogs & Smokies The great debate - ketchup-or-mustard? Whatever you dress your dog with - it’s going to be salty and toppings are important. Steak & Ribs While you can grill a steak all year long, there is something exquisite about one right off the grill I n the summer. Pair your steak with a bold red. Decadent rack of ribs from the grill – the ultimate of backyard fun. Pairing a rack of ribs that is slathered with barbecue sauce creates endless options. Choose anything from the burger to steak choices Decadent rack of ribs from the grill – the ultimate of backyard fun. Pairing a rack of ribs that is slathered with barbecue sauce creates endless options. Choose anything from the burger to steak choices BBQ Chicken BBQ chicken goes well with a rich fruity reds. Adding sauce to your chicken adds many more choices for wines. – Keep your eye open for the Chicken and Wine Pairing blog coming soon. Salmon Summer salmon in the foil or cedar planked is the ultimate summer evening dinner. Grilled Corn & Roasted Summer Veggies Whether covered in butter and garlic or covered in crumbly cheese and herbs, grilled corn and veggies pair well both reds and whites. Sweet Treats Add a dessert wine or port to top off your evening. Try either with a decadent slice of cheesecake covered in your favorite berries. How about a fruit & cheese plate or grilled fruit, there is a wine to pair. Wine goes delightfully well with casual barbecues, family get togethers, and an evening on the deck. Wine Crafterz has many amazing wines for you to craft in the shop or start a new hobby and make wine at home. What ever you choose you will enjoy you r handcrafted wines year round. We’ll help you select the wines that are right for you from our top-quality wine kits. Then leave the rest to us!

  • Wine is A Brilliant Gift for the Holiday

    Christmas and New Years are a great time to gift wine. Whether you are putting a bottle of wine under the Christmas Tree for someone special, giving a bottle to clients and employees, a Hostess gift for a Christmas party or taking a bottle for a family Christmas dinner, the age old dilemma is what type of wine should I gift. After much research, my own personal thoughts and having given wine for gifts for many years I have determined that the art of gifting a great bottle of wine is really very simple. If you know what their favorite wine is already your decision is pretty easy and if not this is a great opportunity to share your favorite wines. Taking Wine to Dinner Of course, if going for dinner and you know ahead of time what is being served this can help you make your wine choice, or there is always the option of gifting a bottle of dessert wine for after dinner. Wine for a Hostess Gift Presentation and a personal handwritten note is a beautiful way to gift a Bottle of Wine. This also eliminates confusion as to who the gift is from. Adding details as to why you chose this wine is a really personal touch. Maybe it’s one you crafted yourself for your family and friends, is it a wine you have enjoyed in the past, or maybe it is a bottle that you and your hostess have made good memories over. How much should I spend is always a question when gifting wine? There are amazing wines crafted by you at Wine Crafterz, there are awesome wines in all price ranges at Wine Crafterz and at your local wine stores. A hand crafted wine or a $30.00 bottle of wine can be just as enjoyable as a $200.00 bottle of wine. My personal take away on gifting wine. I will never gift a wine I have not tried. Things to Remember Don’t be offended if the recipient of the gift does not open or serve your wine. When planning a party, dinner, or get together of any type, there is much thought and preparation. From the food, the snacks, décor, wines and spirits So, it is up to the Hostess to decide if and when to serve your gift Remember “Your Wine Gift is just that a Gift”. A little Flair Goes a Long Way Dressing up your gift We all know that wrapping a wine bottle can often be challenging and there are certainly some pretty wine bags you can pick up. If you are looking for something a little more creative and personal, here are some really pretty choices for that personal touch from simple to elaborate. Still looking for a unique stocking stuffer or gift - we have lots for you to checkout Merry Christmas to all and a Happy, Safe & Prosperous New Year. We look forward to seeing in you in 2022 Rhona & Robin To Comment on our blog scroll to the bottom and click in the comment box. Let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you

  • What's your Chicken Wing Personality

    National Chicken Wing Day - July 29, 2021 National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated July 29th. There is nothing better than meeting friends for “Wing Night” awesome conversation, sports games and a great bottle of wine – or a couple of great bottles – you gotta’ have a White & a Red just to be fair to the wings! Wings have long been a staple of Southern cooking. But the hot wings in hot sauce was born in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York and fast became a social favorite. National Chicken Wing Day was proclaimed in 1977 on July 29. So, are wings an appetizer or a meal? Do you share them or eat them all yourself? More importantly What wine will you serve with your wings?? Whether you crank up the heat or choose a milder version, chicken wings are awesome. Most people seem to think they should be served with beer - What’s with that? Me – I want a great glass of wine with my wings. So, I have your next wing & wine night covered. What Is Your Wing Personality? Are You A More Mild Soul A little barbecue, a little honey mustard or if you’re licking a barbecue sauce off your fingers, then reach for something red, like a Malbec or a Merlot. That sauce will be perfection with these reds. Like your wings a little sweeter, try a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay will help counteract the sweet heat of honey mustard, and the Pinot Noir’s acidity pair best with the sweet BBQ sauce. Are You Hot & Spicy Are you a heat freak and like to challenge your taste buds with atomic wings, uncork a dry white Riesling or a Gewürztraminer the sweeter the better Although we love a good red, steer clear you’re out for spicy wings. But if you just can’t help yourself, try a nice soft Zinfandel. The smoother the taste, the better for your tongue. Not going totally nuclear with spice, but a little hotter than mild, say Teriyaki or Jerk wings, sweeter reds will tame the spice. Open a Garnacha or Rosé and enjoy in this spectacular pairing. How About Perfectly Seasoned Maybe not spice junkie, but like some more complex flavors. Maybe you are just a little more rational than the spice junkie and enjoy lemon-pepper wings, Sauvignon Blanc is your ticket. The acidity and earthy flavors are the perfect match for your wings. Garlic parmesan your wing of choice, it’s the light refreshing Pinot Grigio all the way. Hot Wines – Hot Wings Check out these pairing ideas for some classic wings for your Wing and Wine adventure. Classic Spicy Buffalo Pair with a Riesling, Viogner, or Gewürztraminer. The true classic is made with butter & hot sauce, Buffalo wings come from mild to “sign a waiver before eating this.” For a milder version of the Buffalo Wing try a Pinot Noir, Merlot or a Bordeaux Lemon Pepper Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio Lemon wings need a zesty white. Whether you’re trying a dry rub or the less common wet sauce, lemon pepper wings offer a light, zingy flavor that’s typically less spicy than most of the wings on this list. Honey Garlic Pair with a Sparkling Rosé or Müller-Thurgau GO BOLD try a Cab Sauvignon or Pinot Noir Sweet and savory, Honey Garlic-based wings sacrifice heat for a big aroma, along with a tangy flavor. Teriyaki Pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. A little more courageous try a Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo for a serious mouth explosion Teriyaki is a sweet and tangy wing with dark bold flavors a versatile wing for wine. Sweet Chili & Orange Pair with a Chenin Blanc, Light Beaujolais or a Carmenere for a flavor bang This Thai-inspired wing pulls off both the sweet and spicy. Thai Chili sauce has less heat than other sauces so you don’t need really sweet to compete. An off-dry white or light red can easily stand up to these wings Its all about the sauce and no matter how you sauce them, there’s a wing for everyone, and a bottle of wine to go with it! Mix and match to find your favorite wings and wines combo. We will say it again and again -- Wine Pairs Well With Anything. Not just the fancy stuff! Just because there’s sauce on your fingers and your wine glass & you are tossing chicken bones over your shoulder doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect wine to match. The Last Word Is there a wine for every wing - YES!! But there are still so many questions!!! Are they a meal or a snack? How many should I cook? How - Air Fryer, Bar B Que, Baked, Spicy or sticky, Sweet or seasoned? What do I serve with them - Veggies, slaw, rice? How about the dip - Ranch, Chicken gravy, Blue cheese, Melted cheese? Share a big plate or your own plate (double dipping is Ok on your own plate)? At the end of the day the big question is still the same Red or White? Have a great Weekend Rhona & Robin Looking for something fun to do this weekend. Come in and see us, Shred a Mask, receive 20% your wine kit Choose your favorite wine and start planning your next wing night! Craft Wine is an amazing experience you won’t regret! Go to the comment box below and share your favorite wing recipe

  • National Hamburger Day

    Every May 28 is National Hamburger Day. A day to celebrate one of the most iconic foods. Over 50 billion burgers a year are eaten -- it is truly fitting we dedicate an entire day to the "Hamburger". There is still much controversy about where the hamburger was created, just as there is over what should go on your hamburger or which wine to pair with it. SO . . . Is the hamburger a meal for a sophisticated palate or is it street food? Should a hamburger be paired with wine? Some argue that these two classics are not in the same culinary class – I beg to differ. Wine goes with everything! Here is something to ponder A Gordon Ramsey Burger is more than $35.00 - how does your grilled burger compare Wines can also cost a fortune - or your can craft your own for a fraction of the cost with us Here are my choices for 4 Classic Burgers & Wines Straight Up Burger It is the BBQ burger with the basics - lettuce, tomato, onion – the patty being the ultimate test of the chef! Pair this burger with: Spanish Grenache or Tempranillo Simple Sangria French Beaujolais A great Cab Sauvignon Classic Cheeseburger The Straight Up burger with slice of awesome cheddar cheese for the tang. Try a slice of red pepper with this one. A little more full bodied savory wine for this burger Diablo Rojo Primo Rosso or Valroza Classic Chianti Mushroom Swiss Burger This savory burger with grilled mushrooms and melted nutty swiss cheese – I’m getting hungry – this is one of my personal favs. Try the cool climate red with big taste New Zealand Merlot Italian Nebbiolo Washington Merlot California Red Bacon Cheeseburger Add the flavor blast of bacon to any burger and spice up the cheese for the “Holy Hand Grenade" of burgers. Oh the wines of choice here! Smokey earthy spicy reds. Lodi Zinfandel Australian Shiraz Malbec Petit Syrah The Last Word! Does wine pair with a burger - Absolutely! The next big question - Are we building the burger the correct way? Meat on top? Lettuce before tomato? Pickle on the burger or on the side? Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo & Relish? French Fries or Potato Salad? How about Cole Slaw or Chutney on the burger? Flip a burger on the BBQ tonight and share your favorite burger combinations and wine pairings with us. Have a great Weekend Rhona & Robin Scroll to bottom of page to comment

  • Start Wine-ing It's a New Year

    A Good Wine and a good blog should be savored and revisited. Generally a great Merlot or red wine pairs with steak and a good Moscato or white wine with a great piece of fish. Even better is pairing food and wine with great friends and good conversation. A joke or two certainly won't hurt. 2020 is finally done - "sigh of relief". Wine is known as the most social drink as when a bottle is opened is meant to be shared. This past year has had us finding new ways to share a glass of wine and socialize. Wine Zoom parties provided many social events, shared meals, celebrations as well as wine tastings. Crafting wine at Wine Crafterz this past year has been great. We have crafted many different varietals of wines and customers have been inspired to try new wines and tickle their nose. We want to thank all our wine connoisseurs who continued to come to the shop and make magic. Even though these have been fun I am looking forward to the first time I can sit down with a group of friends and family, a great steak or hamburger and open an awesome bottle wine that I have crafted here at the shop. So . . . what is this blog and what will it be going forward? Hmmm. I have ideas!! All about crafting your own wines, pairing wine and unusual foods, cooking with wine, learning about wine regions around the world, wine & movies, staying connected, the battle of the glass, wine tasting 101, the need know stuff. And yes, I will definitely promote Wine Crafterz, our city and our customers. Send me your ideas, what would you like to know about? Wine Crafterz Wine & Wit #winecrafterz #calgaryyyc #buylocalyyc #winexpert #vineco #wine #wine&wit

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