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Start Wine-ing It's a New Year

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

A Good Wine and a good blog should be savored and revisited.

Generally a great Merlot or red wine pairs with steak and a good Moscato or white wine with a great piece of fish. Even better is pairing food and wine with great friends and good conversation. A joke or two certainly won't hurt.

2020 is finally done - "sigh of relief". Wine is known as the most social drink as when a bottle is opened is meant to be shared. This past year has had us finding new ways to share a glass of wine and socialize. Wine Zoom parties provided many social events, shared meals, celebrations as well as wine tastings.

Crafting wine at Wine Crafterz this past year has been great. We have crafted many different varietals of wines and customers have been inspired to try new wines and tickle their nose. We want to thank all our wine connoisseurs who continued to come to the shop and make magic.

Even though these have been fun I am looking forward to the first time I can sit down with a group of friends and family, a great steak or hamburger and open an awesome bottle wine that I have crafted here at the shop.

So . . . what is this blog and what will it be going forward? Hmmm. I have ideas!! All about crafting your own wines, pairing wine and unusual foods, cooking with wine, learning about wine regions around the world, wine & movies, staying connected, the battle of the glass, wine tasting 101, the need know stuff. And yes, I will definitely promote Wine Crafterz, our city and our customers.

Send me your ideas, what would you like to know about?

Wine Crafterz Wine & Wit

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