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National Hamburger Day

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Every May 28 is National Hamburger Day. A day to celebrate one of the most iconic foods. Over 50 billion burgers a year are eaten -- it is truly fitting we dedicate an entire day to the "Hamburger".

There is still much controversy about where the hamburger was created, just as there is over what should go on your hamburger or which wine to pair with it.

SO . . .

Is the hamburger a meal for a sophisticated palate or is it street food? Should a hamburger be paired with wine? Some argue that these two classics are not in the same culinary class – I beg to differ.

Wine goes with everything!

Here is something to ponder

A Gordon Ramsey Burger is more than $35.00 - how does your grilled burger compare

Wines can also cost a fortune - or your can craft your own for a fraction of the cost with us

Here are my choices for 4 Classic Burgers & Wines

Straight Up Burger

It is the BBQ burger with the basics - lettuce, tomato, onion – the patty being the ultimate test of the chef!

Pair this burger with:

Spanish Grenache or Tempranillo

Simple Sangria

French Beaujolais

A great Cab Sauvignon

Classic Cheeseburger

The Straight Up burger with slice of awesome cheddar cheese for the tang. Try a slice of red pepper with this one.

A little more full bodied savory wine for this burger

Diablo Rojo

Primo Rosso or Valroza

Classic Chianti

Mushroom Swiss Burger

This savory burger with grilled mushrooms and melted nutty swiss cheese – I’m getting hungry – this is one of my personal favs.

Try the cool climate red with big taste

New Zealand Merlot

Italian Nebbiolo

Washington Merlot

California Red

Bacon Cheeseburger

Add the flavor blast of bacon to any burger and spice up the cheese for the “Holy Hand Grenade" of burgers.

Oh the wines of choice here! Smokey earthy spicy reds.

Lodi Zinfandel

Australian Shiraz


Petit Syrah

The Last Word!

Does wine pair with a burger - Absolutely!

The next big question - Are we building the burger the correct way?

Meat on top? Lettuce before tomato? Pickle on the burger or on the side? Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo & Relish? French Fries or Potato Salad? How about Cole Slaw or Chutney on the burger?

Flip a burger on the BBQ tonight and share your favorite burger combinations and wine pairings with us.

Have a great Weekend

Rhona & Robin

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