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Wine is A Brilliant Gift for the Holiday

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Christmas and New Years are a great time to gift wine. Whether you are putting a bottle of wine under the Christmas Tree for someone special, giving a bottle to clients and employees, a Hostess gift for a Christmas party or taking a bottle for a family Christmas dinner, the age old dilemma is what type of wine should I gift.

After much research, my own personal thoughts and having given wine for gifts for many years I have determined that the art of gifting a great bottle of wine is really very simple.

If you know what their favorite wine is already your decision is pretty easy

and if not this is a great opportunity to share your favorite wines.

Taking Wine to Dinner

Of course, if going for dinner and you know ahead of time what is being served this can help you make your wine choice, or there is always the option of gifting a bottle of dessert wine for after dinner.

Wine for a Hostess Gift

Presentation and a personal handwritten note is a beautiful way to gift a Bottle of Wine. This also eliminates confusion as to who the gift is from. Adding details as to why you chose this wine is a really personal touch. Maybe it’s one you crafted yourself for your family and friends, is it a wine you have enjoyed in the past, or maybe it is a bottle that you and your hostess have made good memories over.

How much should I spend is always a question when gifting wine?

There are amazing wines crafted by you at Wine Crafterz, there are awesome wines in all price ranges at Wine Crafterz and at your local wine stores. A hand crafted wine or a $30.00 bottle of wine can be just as enjoyable as a $200.00 bottle of wine.

My personal take away on gifting wine. I will never gift a wine I have not tried.

Things to Remember

Don’t be offended if the recipient of the gift does not open or serve your wine. When planning a party, dinner, or get together of any type, there is much thought and preparation. From the food, the snacks, décor, wines and spirits So, it is up to the Hostess to decide if and when to serve your gift


“Your Wine Gift is just that a Gift”.

A little Flair Goes a Long Way

Dressing up your gift

We all know that wrapping a wine bottle can often be challenging and there are certainly some pretty wine bags you can pick up.

If you are looking for something a little more creative and personal, here are some really pretty choices for that personal touch from simple to elaborate.

Still looking for a unique stocking stuffer or gift - we have lots for you to checkout

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy, Safe & Prosperous New Year.

We look forward to seeing in you in 2022

Rhona & Robin

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